Finding an Office Space

Upon setting up your business in Japan, a registered address is required.

There are various types of office spaces in Japan, but the main types are as follows:

  Independent Office Space Business Center Shared/Coworking Space
Can the space be freely renovated or decorated? Yes No No
Can the office address  be used as the company’s registered address? Yes Yes Yes(※However, some cannot be registered.)
Possible to apply for a Visa? Yes Subject to the conditions No
Are business support services available? No Yes Yes
Rental costs High(※Need to consider the budget beforehand) High to Medium Low(※Suitable for  start-ups with low cost)
Contract Mode Lease Contract Service Contract or Lease Contract Service Contract
Recommendation - If you need to apply for a Visa after incorporation, an independent office space is advisable. This option is recommended for initial market research and preparation.
- If you do not need to apply for a Visa after incorporation, this option can be considered. This option can also be used for initial market research and preparation.

This option is recommended for the initial market research and preparation.

If you do not need to apply for a Visa, this can be considered

The selection of office space shall consider the above-mentioned conditions as well as budget requirements. Please contact us for further enquiries.

Location example

BIRTH TORANOMON(Shared/Coworking Space)


Services and Price List(For Reference Only)

Contract Mode Services Fees Remarks
1.For Company Registration only ・Registered address for the incorporation

・Dedicated mail box

(※meeting rooms are available with a separate charge)

Monthly fee from 15,000 yen (excluding taxes). ※ Separate charges will be applicable If there are special requests for collection and forwarding of mail, correspondence in foreign languages etc,.

※The use of meeting rooms requires prior reservation.。

2.2. For Company Registration + Shared/Coworking Space usage ・Registered address

・Dedicated mail box

・24-hour usage of the open-plan office space (Free-seating)

・Meeting rooms and , lounge are available

・Free Wi-Fi

Monthly fee from 20,000 yen (excluding taxes)

※For  additional persons, 5,000 yen per person

※The above price list is for reference only. Please note that it may be subject to changes by the operating company.