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Your Business Incubation & Growth in Japan

Mirai Consulting Group - Key Service Features

Mirai Consulting provides total solutions for every stage of your business growth, from incorporation to success.

Corporate issues generally arise because many problems are interrelated. To fundamentally solve these issues, we must explore optimal solutions by clarifying the relevance of problems through prioritization. We put 'TEAM CONSULTING' at the core of our operations by interviewing and understanding the issues of our clients. Our team including Certified Public Accountant, Certified Tax Accountant, Labor and Social Security Attorneys, Judicial Scrivener, and other professionals, provide supports for solving client’s issues from “Total Optimization” perspective. The breadth of the fields covered by each professional and accumulated know-how are our greatest strengths. We provide a wide range of services, enabling us to respond to customers from all angles, ranging from 360 degrees.

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