Setting up a Corporate Bank Account

(After the incorporation, a corporate bank account to be set up)

Setting up a Corporate Bank Account

Required Documents

1. Certificate of full registry records (Rireki Jikou Zenbu Shoumei, issuing, the date issued to be within 6 months)

2. Certificate of Registered Seal

3. Applicant’s ID with photo (e.g. passport, driving license)

4. A proof that the applicant belongs to the company (e.g. business card, employment certificate, employee ID)

Application flow

Submit the Required Documents to the bank. (Bank reviews the documents for 1-2 weeks)


Bank notifies company of the outcome. The company then visits the bank to sign the contract.


Submit the Application Forms at the front counter. The corporate bank account can be accessed within a few days after the submission.

Other information

・The person going to the bank does not have to be a representative of the company.
・Different banks may require different documents. During the review process, the bank may request for additional information.
・The application may or may not be approved depending on the terms and conditions of the bank.