Business Incubation & Growth in Japan(Market Research/ Business Due Diligence/ Business Plan/ Advisory on Incubation/ IPO)

A company generally goes through the stages of “Start-up”, “Growth”, and eventually “Maturity”. At each stage, companies may face different business issues and decisions. We provide services for business issues that may arise at each stage, aiming for company development through new business creation and expansion in Japan.

Our Services

1. Company incorporation and business formation

≫ Assistance in business establishment/ Feasibility study/ Incorporation and licenses/ Support for post-incorporation

2. Incubation & growth support

≫ Assistance in the development of business plans/ Management consulting/ Organization and HR development/ Consultation tailored to specific industries

≫ Due Diligence for Japanese subsidiary/ Market research・Industry analysis/ Formulation and planning of business strategy

≫ M&A advisory/ Search and negotiation for business partners/ Arrange for distributorship or manufacturing agreement

5. IPO Support

≫ Advisory for IPO listing in Japan or overseas (China, Hong Kong, Singapore etc.)

6. Other services

≫ Japanese Trademark and Patent registration/ Recruitment and training etc.

※ Multilingual Consultation Support is available(English, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese)

Due Diligence for Japanese Subsidiary

We conduct Due Diligence for Japanese Subsidiaries to identify management issues from a third-party perspective.
This aim of such Due Diligence is to analyse and investigate the Japanese subsidiary as well as to offer opinions and suggestions on potential solutions of management problems.


Our analysis focuses not only on financial aspects but also on non-financial aspects such as the organization and management system of Company. In addition to surveying the internal environment of a company, the external environment such as the market and company competitors shall also be considered when developing solutions for the company.

Due Diligence Components (In general)

1. Survey and Analysis of the External Environment

・Economic trends in Japan

・Industry analysis (industry characteristics and trends etc.)

・Competitor analysis

・Supplier analysis


2. Survey and Analysis of the Internal Environment

・Analysis of company performance structure (analysis of turnover and revenue from multiple perspectives etc.)

・Analysis of management system

・Analysis of HR system

・Analysis of manufacturing and marketing activities


3. Recommendations

・SWOT analysis

・Recommendation for improvements

Due Diligence Process (In general)

STEP1 Data Collection and Preliminary Analysis

The target company prepares basic information such as financial statements, company profile, company product information etc. for preliminary preparation and analysis.


STEP2 Field Visit

Our team visits Company site for further data collection and interview with Company personnel.


STEP3 Discussions regarding the company’s future direction

Based on an analysis of the data provided and field visit, the issues, solutions and suggestions for improvement are to be considered.


STEP4 Reporting and Discussion

The report is prepared and the reporting session is held to discuss on the findings and recommendations.