Financial Due Diligence for acquiring or investing in a Japanese company

We provide Financial Due Diligence services for foreign investors who are considering the M&A of Japanese companies. The Due Diligence report and reporting session can be arranged in foreign languages as required.

When considering M&A, Due Diligence is normally conducted to determine the acquisition price of the target company. The main points of Due Diligence are ‘Existence of Assets’ and ‘Completeness of Liabilities’.


Normally a full scope of Due Diligence is assumed, but sometimes Due Diligence for specific items (e.g., only important items such as accounts receivable and inventories) can also be considered. This simplified Due Diligence can save on both time and costs.

Financial Due Diligence Flow

1. Obtain basic information of the target company


2. Send a list of information and documents to be reviewed to target company


3. Preliminary preparations


4. Conduct field visit of the target company


5. Prepare Due Diligence report(in Japanese or other languages)


6. Reporting session


7. Issue a final Due Diligence report


Financial Due Diligence usually takes 3 to 6 weeks.

For urgent requests, we can arrange for a summarized report first and a reporting session can be held. Please contact us for further details.