Search for Target Companies for M&A

If you are looking for a company to acquire or invest in in Japan, you may consider the following services and steps.

Step1. Conducting Market Research on Possible M&A Opportunities 【First step of preparation】

・Identify Target Companies, Set Priorities.
・Understand the market, company characteristics, industry trends, management issues, etc, (provided by Client)
・Perform a preliminary target company search based on the above.
・Provide a preliminary list of candidate companies and analysis reports (Including recommendations on acquisition strategy, etc.)
・Initial listing of target companies

Step2. Preliminary contact with candidate companies【Research & Feedback】

・Initial contact with candidate companies (sending appointment letter, etc.)
・Arrange appointments with candidate companies
・Interview candidate companies and discuss proposals and feedback.
・Interim report, review of discussions

Step3. Analysis and Summary of Feedback Results【Reporting】

・Additional discussions (proposals, etc.) with target companies as necessary
・Report on the results of surveys and interviews and future recommendations.

Duration and service fee (for reference only)

Service Duration Estimated service cost
Conducting Market Research on Possible M&A Opportunities
・Determine acquisition direction and strategy
・A list of preliminary candidates
Approximately 1-2 months Fixed rate (from 2.5 million yen onwards)
Preliminary contact with candidate companies
・Contact the candidate companies
・Interview, proposal and the feedback
・Interim Report
Approximately 1-2 months.
※ Depending on the number of target companies you wish to contact.
Fees are depending on the number of companies you wish to contact
Analysis and Summary of Feedback Results
・Additional discussions
・Final Report
Depends on the project. Based on individual quotation.

・Exclusive rights to M&A advisory/brokerage are based on the survey results.
In the event that you wish to negotiate with target companies that were introduced through our services, please request for advisory or brokerage services.
(The fees and conditions will be arranged separately.)