Cross-Border M&A Services

Cross-Border M&A requires the assistance of experts in various professional fields at each stage till closing, in addition to M&A advisors who are familiar with the business operations and characteristics of buyers and sellers.


We have professionals in various fields such as Certified Public Accountant, Certified Tax Accountant, Labour and Social Security Attorneys, Judicial Scrivener and international business consultants. We arrange a specialised team according to the nature and progress of the cross-border M&A, providing services from the preparatory stage to the operations stage, as well as providing follow-up services upon completion of the M&A.

Our Cross-Border M&A Services

M&A Advisory

We provide advisory to various types of M&A, including strategic M&A, business succession M&A, sponsor-style M&A, and business transfer.

Cross-Border M&A

We have specialised international business consultants with extensive experience in cross-border M&A. We provide consulting to overseas clients in languages such as Chinese, English, Korean etc.

Due Diligence (Financial, Tax and HR)

We provide financial, tax and HR due diligence, as well as coordinate with lawyers to conduct legal due diligence, according to the needs of each M&A case. We can also provide the reports in Japanese, Chinese, English and Korean in accordance with the client’s request.


We provide various valuation services, including M&A transaction price evaluation, valuation of takeover bids (TOB), evaluation of share exchange ratio etc.

Capital Structure Planning

According to each M&A case, we provide legal and financial planning, as well as assistance in the implementation of such planning for cross-border M&A, TOB and third-party capital increase.

Post-Merger Integration (PMI)

After M&A, the businesses may face various integration issues, especially for cross-border M&A, which often require a certain period to follow-up. We provide PMI services, including organizational structuring, HR, accounting and tax, internal control, business plan and its execution support, regular reporting as required by parent companies, consolidated statements, annual audits, internal audits, and more.