Audit & Assurance, Compliance

Our strength lies in our ‘One Stop Service’, which comprises of a total of 200 professionals including CPA (Certified Public Accountant), CTA (Certified Tax Accountant) , Labor and Social Security Attorneys, Judicial Scriveners, and other Financial Institution professionals, providing support in solving clients’ issues from a “Total Optimization” perspective.


Together with a vast array of knowledge and experience and in accordance with the requirements and needs of the overseas Parent Company, we provide the following services to the Japanese subsidiary or branch office.

Services to Japanese Subsidiary/ Branch Office

Audit/ AUP

Conduct audit or AUP of the Japanese subsidiary according to the specifications and accounting standards (Japanese GAAP, Chinese GAAP or IFRS etc.) as specified by the Parent Company and provide the relevant reports.

Assist the Parent Company in the internal audit of the Japanese subsidiary (including preparations, on-site collaboration, provision of information, translation, coordination and advisory of relevant laws and regulations in Japan).

Review of Financial Statements

Review Financial Statements prepared by the Japanese subsidiary and report them to the Parent Company.

Provide recommendations for improvement and assist the Japanese subsidiary in such improvements.

Consolidation of financial reports

Prepare the consolidation of financial reports with the Client’s required format, converting from Japanese GAAP to IFRS or other accounting standards where necessary.

Provide recommendations for improvement and assist Japanese subsidiaries in such improvements.

Corporate Governance, Risk & Compliance

Internal audit (Risk management)

Fraud investigation

Review of specific accounts

Compliance review (Tax, Labor etc.)

Review and analysis of operational procedures and business strategies

Others (employee satisfaction and awareness, internationalization etc.)